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LMH Mobile for Tenants

The LMH Mobile for Tenants app allows LMH tenants to manage their rent, view and log repairs as well as report Anti-Social behaviour. Keep track of...


Top Retail Tenants

Do you own or manage retail property and would like to attract major chains?The first question you need to answer is, "What chain retailers or...


SimplifyEm Property Management Software

Get paid on time, avoid vacancies, maximize tax deductions, and keep vital info at your fingertips.

4 stars Users' rating out of 8 reviews
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Receipt Templates for Excel

Create printable rent receipts or cash receipts.

4.5 stars Editors' rating on Jul 20, 2011
3.5 stars Users' rating out of 5 reviews
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Tenant Billing

Manage all of your rental properties easily.

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Tenant Txt

Connect landlord and tenant by text message, Twitter, or e-mail.

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Tenant Network

Are you a tenant looking for a new home? We offer all types of accommodation; we cater for professional tenants, corporate entities and students....


Landlord Tenant Laws Pro

With nearly 10,000 downloads, quickly find your states specific law for often needed 18 Landlord Tenant Laws, providing both Tenant rights &...

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Mobile Tenant Screening Application. Receive rental applications from tenants, screen tenants and even sign a lease from you iPhone.


Boxer Tenant App

App for Boxer Property Tenants. This App provides a new channel of communication and improves customer service for Boxer Property...


Airbnb guest stays more than 30 days, gets tenant's rights

If you're renting your home on Airbnb, it's worth checking the law. One California woman is finding out the hard way. Her tenant won't leave and does have some rights.

By July 22, 2014


Tech money drives San Francisco building boom, pushes others out

As part of Road Trip 2015, CNET looks at how new skyscrapers are defining a new era in the City by the Bay. The winners: tech. The losers: pretty much everyone else.

By August 24, 2015


See-through swimming pool to span a street, 10 stories up

A swanky new development in London will offer a pool with a view.

By August 20, 2015


Seattle wants the tech scene, but not the division that could come with it

The Emerald City is brewing plenty of startups, thanks in part to tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon. But can it avoid a rift in the community?

By August 17, 2015


Airbnb helps tenant win appeal in NY rental case

A New York agency decides in favor of a man who was fined $2,400 for renting his home out on Airbnb. The city now has to pay it all back to Nigel Warren.

By September 27, 2013


Airbnb exec denies competition with hotels, says an Airbnb trip 'changes you'

An Airbnb trip "doesn't end when you leave -- when you go home it changes you somehow," says head of engineering Mike Curtis.

By March 3, 2015


Fin city: A BioShock aquarium for some geeky fish

Movie prop maker Tim Baker and his team build a splashy tribute to the City of Rapture from the video game BioShock in the latest episode of the DIY Web series "Super Fan Builds."

By December 30, 2014


Get smart: Three ways to use that new connected home device

Hoping for a smart home gadget this holiday season? Start here.

By December 22, 2014


HomeAway sues San Francisco to block new 'Airbnb law'

A vacation rental site contends that newly signed ordinance violates the US Constitution and discriminates against non-permanent SF residents.

By November 3, 2014


Controversial 'Airbnb law' approved by SF supervisors

Legislation allows property owners and tenants to use websites to rent out their homes, apartments and rooms on a temporary basis.

By October 7, 2014