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Samsung's Smart Camera WB350F a decent complement to your smartphone's camera

Reasonably compact for a 21x zoom camera, the WB350F is chock-full of novel shooting options and ready to share your shots from wherever you are.

By Feb. 25, 2014


Nikon delivers wide-angle complement for D600

Its new 18-35mm lens comes in at a more reasonable price for buyers of that camera.

By Jan. 28, 2013


Samsung's Lapfit monitors complement laptops

Forget your laptop stand and hideously mismatched secondary display, because Samsung's Lapfit series offers external LCD monitors that will match your laptop beautifully.

By Feb. 9, 2009


A designer water flask to complement your accessories

A reusable water bottle that looks as good as you do.

By Jul. 8, 2009


Photos: E-Ten's new Glofiish lineup

These oddly named handsets look very similar to HTC devices and pack many of the same features too.

By Nov. 16, 2007


Mac OS X gets ZFS after all--but not from Apple

Promising better data integrity, start-up Ten's Complement has released a new file system for Macs based on Oracle's ZFS. It's an approach Apple began but dropped.

By Feb. 1, 2012


Unannounced Samsung 'activity tracker' pops up on FCC site

Could this be the rumored S Circle? A privacy request on Samsung's part limits what the agency can share about the activity tracker.

By Mar. 6, 2014


Airbnb co-founder: Firm could expand beyond lodgings

Co-founder Nathan Blecharczyk says Airbnb could partner with other companies, like Uber, or perhaps even launch a standalone service.

By Mar. 19, 2014


Bose refreshes headphone line with new branding and colors

While not exactly new, the company has introduced new versions of its on-ear, around-the-ear, and in-ear models under its new SoundTrue and Freestyle brands.

By Apr. 3, 2014


Google Nexus 8 set for April launch, says report

Google will reportedly launch the 8-inch addition to its Nexus lineup with an initial 2 million shipments.

By Feb. 7, 2014