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Telltale's 'Walking Dead' game ready for Android users' braaains

The popular episodic adventure finally makes its way to Android, and you can play the first episode for free.

By April 11, 2014


Telltale bringing The Wolf Among Us to iOS and PS Vita

Telltale Games will be porting its critically acclaimed game based on the Fables comic series to select portable devices.

By October 24, 2013


Name your own price for a huge Telltale Games bundle

All five episodes of Back to the Future. All five of Sam & Max: Devil's Playhouse. And lots more, plus The Walking Dead if you beat the average purchase price.

By May 31, 2013


Telltale signs of a computer virus infection

It can be difficult to distinguish a hardware or software problem from the symptoms of a virus or worm on your PC.

By April 13, 2009


Tell-tale signs of a bad CIO

How do you spot a bad CIO?

By February 5, 2008


Researchers bypass blood work, favoring lasers to detect malaria

Using the same tech a destroyer uses to detect a submarine, a new diagnostic tool listens for the sound of popping vapor nanobubbles -- a telltale sign that malaria parasites are dining.

By January 8, 2014


The Walking Dead game is not what you think, and that's a good thing

Telltale Games has done a fantastic job of capturing the essence of one the most popular comic books in recent memory.

By April 30, 2012


Game trailer: The Walking Dead

Telltale Games has adapted the popular comic book into a five-part videogame series.

April 30, 2012


Apple billing e-mail scam making the rounds

A rather convincingly official-looking e-mail now in circulation attempts to steal personal information. Here are the telltale signs.

By December 27, 2011


Alien ship masquerades as air filter

Spherical gadget has telltale LEDs.

By October 3, 2007