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Equipment makers try coaxing telcos beyond basic broadband

Network equipment makers and consumers want faster Net access, but network operators have a tough time justifying the investments. Small cells, micronodes, and content cooperation could help fix that.

By Oct. 22, 2013


Surveillance 'partnership' between NSA and telcos points to AT&T, Verizon

Newly disclosed classified document suggests firms allowed spy agency to access e-mail and phone call data by tapping into their "fiber-optic cables, gateway switches, and data networks."

By Jun. 27, 2013


Telcos race toward an all-IP future

At the CES Broadband Unlimited conference, communications execs explain why new native IP networks are essential for consumers and the next generation of connected devices.

By Jan. 8, 2013


Telcos see future in the cloud

The world's largest telecom service providers and equipment suppliers want "smart" cloud-based networks, free of regulations, that offer services rather than "dumb" pipes for connectivity.

By Feb. 28, 2012


Paper nano-SIM cards will help telcos go green

Chinese company Beijing Big Ben Tech has crafted recyclable SIM cards out of paper to help save the environment.

By Feb. 26, 2013


EU telcos defend UN Internet takeover plans

A group of European telcos is defending a controversial proposal to radically alter the architecture of the Web and its governance. But the rhetoric has done little to slow critics.

By Sep. 23, 2012


Stodgy old telcos? Not us, carriers blast at CES

The carriers have amped up their presence at the technology conference in an effort to be known as more than just old phone companies.

By Jan. 12, 2012


Ep. 1309: The telcos are a poison pill

Samsung Galaxy Tab pricing shows up on Amazon UK, and it's well over a thousand dollars U.S., presumably to force you toward subsidized prices so you'll end up paying the same amount or more for with-contract tablets. Which ... seriously? No. Also, Craigslist says the adult services section is gone for good, and Google's music service appears to be imminent--much to Spotify's demise--er, dismay.

By Sep. 16, 2010


Ep. 1432: AT&T: The T-1000 of Telcos

Sprint doesn't like the AT&T/T-Mobile deal, and they plan on doing something about it. Firefox 4 comes out with a strong launch, and Microsoft tries to piggy back on it. Yeehaw! And, we're willing to give our brainwaves away.

By Mar. 24, 2011


Are the telcos big fat liars?

This week, the FCC is finally going to lay down the law, we hope, Sony's imagination may be getting the better of it and there's something exciting and new in the Halo franchise.

Sep. 25, 2009