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TechTool Pro goes 64-bit, offering enhanced RAM testing

The new RAM testing routines offer extensive information reports as well as optimized code for addressing all available memory at once.

By June 20, 2013


A tour of DJ TechTools (photos)

Photos from Crave's tour of DJ TechTools' San Francisco office, including shots of the company's handmade DJ controllers.

6 Images By April 6, 2012


DJ TechTools' Ean Golden

We talk with Ean Golden of DJ TechTools and tour his San Francisco-based company, specializing in a unique line of computer-connected DJ gear with a retro arcade feel.

By April 6, 2012


Get a $310 Mac software bundle for $49

This "Lifehacker-approved" collection includes tools for improving your productivity, security, and system performance. Plus, a no-purchase-required freebie bundle!

By February 18, 2013


Check a used Mac's condition before purchasing

If you are considering purchasing a used Mac, here are some ways to find out if its hardware is running properly.

By November 26, 2012


Is Mountain Lion mishandling large drives?

Some people are encountering a problem in which Mountain Lion stops accessing large-capacity hard drives.

By October 8, 2012


Tips and checks for buying a used MacBook

If you are planning on purchasing a used MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air, then it is recommended you thoroughly test it to ensure it works properly.

By July 18, 2012


Q&A: MacFixIt Answers

How to address a corrupt hard drive before upgrading OS X, and other questions answered.

By July 6, 2012


Q&A: MacFixIt Answers

MacFixIt Answers is a weekly feature in which we answer questions e-mailed in by our readers. We welcome alternative approaches and views from readers and encourage you to post your own suggestions in the comments.

By November 10, 2011


Troubleshooting utility news and updates

Our utilities update report is a column on updates for Mac utilities that have been released in the past week, which include maintenance utilities, file handling tools, and some system monitors.

By August 22, 2011