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Seasonal buying guide

Father's Day Tech Gift Guide

Forget the neckties and wristwatches, and get the Dad in your life the tech he really wants.


San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee banks on tech startups

"San Francisco is becoming the capital of Silicon Valley," according to legendary angel investor Ron Conway, and the city is becoming more friendly to tech businesses.

By September 11, 2012


Microsoft to tag conference-goers with RFID

RFID tags will be embedded into badges at the annual Tech.Ed conference in Sydney as part of a tracking experiment. Those who opt out will have less access to conference info.

By August 25, 2008


Chrome's JavaScript challenge to Silverlight

The advent of Google's Chrome browser, software pros say, should spur a big speedup for JavaScript, which would raise its standing against Microsoft's Silverlight technology.

By September 6, 2008


HD should be wired: Intel

Current wireless networking standards aren't fit for streaming high-definition (HD) content between a media centre PC and multiple extender devices, according to Intel and Microsoft.

By August 24, 2006


Windows Vista needs high-end hardware

Windows Vista needs high-end hardware

By September 9, 2005