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Microsoft cozies up to customers at TechEd

roundup Microsoft uses its customer conference in Orlando, Fla., to lay out what's on the horizon for the company and the IT industry.

By June 8, 2005


No passing grade for tech ed reform

In Washington, CNET News.com's Declan McCullagh wonders why tech CEOs' proposals to improve U.S. education are so modest.

By January 18, 2005


Making promises at TechEd

Microsoft executives describe improvements in security and other areas, plus a new Exchange update, at the company's developer conference.

By May 25, 2004


XP, Exchange take center stage at TechEd

Microsoft is expected to lay off Longhorn evangelism in favor of current products at its IT conference next week.

By May 21, 2004


Microsoft to tag conference-goers with RFID

RFID tags will be embedded into badges at the annual Tech.Ed conference in Sydney as part of a tracking experiment. Those who opt out will have less access to conference info.

By August 25, 2008


Short Take: HP funds tech-ed for minorities and women

Hewlett-Packard is sponsoring the Diversity in Education Initiative, a $4 million effort to fund educational partnerships between universities and K-12 schools in Los Angeles and San Jose, California; El Paso, Texas; and Boston. The funds are to be used to create math and science tutoring programs, internships, and to enhance existing educational programs.

By March 27, 1997