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Apple iPad profit model gets a 'teardown'

A new report from iSuppli estimates that the mid-range, 3G-wireless version of the tablet will be the most profitable for Apple.

By February 10, 2010


Teardown redux: iPhone 3GS vs. Nexus One

iFixit's side-by-side breakdown of the internals of these two phones makes a compelling case for the Nexus One.

By March 25, 2010


The real deal on G1's virtual teardown

Setting the record straight on the G1's retail price, as well as offering a caveat for virtual teardowns' real value.

By November 12, 2008


Nexus One's hardware estimated to cost $175

iSuppli conducts a teardown of Google's forthcoming Android-based smartphone and estimates its bill of materials at $174.15.

By January 10, 2010


Inside the iPad: Apple's new 'A4' chip

The first official Apple-branded chip, the fruit of Apple's acquisition of PA Semi, should have "a performance, battery efficiency, and cost advantage over the competition."

By January 27, 2010


iFixit Manuals now free to the public

The popular site iFixIt that specializes in take-apart guides for Apple products, has announced they are releasing all of their manuals for free to the public under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.

By December 17, 2009


Report: PS3 design cost finally nearing break-even

After years of taking a big loss on each console sold, Sony appears to be getting closer to breaking even on the design cost, according to iSuppli.

By December 11, 2009


iFixit tears apart newly released Macs

Hardware website iFixIt has featured the newly released Macs and other Apple devices in a few recent tear-down guides.

By October 22, 2009


Nikon S1000pj: So how do you get a projector in a camera?

The Nikon S1000pj is the first compact digital camera to include a projector. If your first instinct is to ask "Why?", that's fair enough. But iFixit has decided to ask "how?"

By October 8, 2009


BOL 1072: Mustache-twirling jerks at AT&T

As AT&T tries to accuse Google of violating Net neutrality, Molly wonders if they really just want to be seen as a villain. Also while you should never call anything unhackable, the Netbooks being given to students in Australia are pretty tight.

By September 28, 2009