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Panasonic DMR-XW380, MR-BW880EBK, BW780EBK: First Freeview HD on Blu-ray

Panasonic's new DMR-XW380, MR-BW880EBK and BW780EBK let you tape Freeview+HD to DVD or Blu-ray. Click here if that floats your teacup

By June 4, 2010


Facebook promises simpler privacy controls: Zuckerberg repentant

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has promised simpler privacy controls and an option to turn off third-party services, in response to stern criticism of the social network's privacy policy

By May 24, 2010


Poll: Do you block ads when web surfing?

Earlier this week Ars Technica caused a stir with an article titled "Why ad blocking is devastating to the sites you love". So, now, we throw it over to you our dear readers and ask, do you use an ad-blocker when surfing the web?

By March 9, 2010


Save your microwave from splatters

Having something splatter on the inside of your microwave isn't uncommon, but with Microwave Splatter Covers, you eliminate the mess.

By December 19, 2009


Tea at a perfect temperature

You can get your tea to exactly the right temperature with the Tea Thermometer and Timer.

By October 21, 2009


Internet vs Apple yet again: The great iPod shuffle headphones controversy

There's been wailing and gnashing of teeth on the Internet over the discovery of a chip in the new iPod shuffle that ties you into certain headphones. Here's why it's not the end of the world

By March 16, 2009


Buzz Out Loud 891: Jazz hands and a testosterone venti

Leo Laporte joins the cast today to discuss, of course, Steve Jobs' medical leave of absence, the problem with filters (yes, it's the problem you think it is), the future of bendy gadgets, and how to dance like Bollywood.

By January 15, 2009


Hands-on with the Olympus E-420: Pancake day

The 10-megapixel Olympus E-420 dSLR is so small you might lose it down the back of the sofa, especially with the new pancake lens attached

By May 2, 2008