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CSI hires Nortel executive

CSI Wireless announced Wednesday that Colin Maclellan will join the company as the senior vice president and general manager of its wireless business unit. Maclellan jumped over from Nortel Networks where he most recently served as the vice president of wireless Internet operations. During his 16 years at Nortel, he oversaw the company's production of TDMA (time division multiple access) and CDMA (code division multiple access) base stations, among other duties. Based in Calgary, Canada, CSI makes wireless and GPS (global positioning system) technologies for the automotive, commercial and consumer markets. The company reported revenue of $25.7 million for 2001 versus $16.7 million in the previous year.

March 13, 2002


Lucent aiding Cingular's GSM switch

Lucent Technologies said Wednesday that Cingular Wireless will use its software to help ease the wireless carrier's transition from TDMA (time division multiple access) technology to a wireless network that runs on GSM (global system for mobile communication) standards. Lucent's interworking interoperability function software will let Cingular's customers use their phones on both GSM and TDMA networks, which are usually incompatible. Cingular is in the middle of a $3 billion network upgrade that will also move the carrier to the GSM standard, which enjoys worldwide dominance but has so far not made a significant dent in the United States. Recent estimates indicate that about 30 percent of Cingular's network uses GSM, with the balance using TDMA.

January 16, 2002


Nextel to use ADC gear for network

ADC Telecommunications on Monday said that Nextel Communications will use ADC's Digivance telecommunications gear to spruce up its digital wireless network. A typical wireless site is made up of a bay station and an antenna, which are positioned close to one another. Digivance lets carriers locate an antenna up to 10 miles away from the bay station through a fiber-optic cable link. This saves carriers from having to build larger cell sites, which can be problematic in urban areas because of zoning regulations and expenses. ADC introduced the Digivance product line last year. The equipment can operate on multiple wireless protocols such as CDMA, GSM and TDMA. ADC also has a short-range version of Digivance to boost network coverage within buildings.

November 12, 2001


Verizon Wireless buys Dobson territory

Verizon Wireless said Thursday that it has closed a $465 million deal to buy the wireless operations of Dobson Communications in California, Georgia, Tennessee and Ohio. The transaction is expected to close in the first quarter of 2002 and the companies are still negotiating for the sale of part of Dobson's wireless territory in Arizona. The deal involves the purchase of all Dobson operations in the targeted markets, which serve about 950,000 people, and includes network facilities, certain retail stores, customer service operations and about 125 employees. Also included in the deal is the $202 million Verizon paid for Dobson's Tennessee properties, which are equally owned with AT&T wireless. Verizon describes the newly purchased areas as nearly encircled by its own wireless networks and says it will upgrade the Dobson properties from TDMA (time division multiple access) wireless technology to the CDMA (code division multiple access) standard of its own networks. Verizon plans to spend about $4 billion on technology upgrades for its U.S. wireless networks in 2001.

November 1, 2001