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Selective ad blocking lets you support your favorite sites

Help the sites you frequent stay in business by adding them to AdBlock Plus's whitelist, which restricts the obtrusiveness of the ads that open on the page.

By July 11, 2013


FBI takes aim at ZTE over alleged Iran dealings, report says

The company is apparently being investigated for allegedly shipping hardware and software from U.S.-based companies to Iran's government-controlled telecom.

By July 13, 2012


Yahoo director battle-tested on 'hostile' takeover fights

As Yahoo and Microsoft prepare to do battle, it turns out two of Yahoo's directors have already waged proxy wars in the past.

By April 28, 2008


News Corp., Liberty Media reach deal

The swap of assets, including control of DirecTV, amounts to an $11 billion stock buyback for News Corp., considered one of the biggest in corporate history.

By December 22, 2006


An end run round copyright laws?

Legal activist Lawrence Lessig urges LinuxWorld attendees to use Creative Commons as route to "free culture."

By August 15, 2006


Chip start-up's big payoff comes in, at last

MicroUnity gets a $300 million settlement from Intel, 17 years after it was tipped as one of the most promising ventures in Silicon Valley.

By October 20, 2005


SBC to acquire AT&T for $16 billion

SBC says the deal will give it one of the world's "most widely recognized and respected" brand names. Photos: AT&T's history of innovation

By January 31, 2005


Oh, Ma, where art thou?

AT&T looks again to cable as its savior.

By August 19, 2004


Broadband: Breaking the digital gridlock

special report CNET News.com examines the crucial elements of any policy agenda aimed at building a national broadband network.

July 29, 2004


Comcast offers $66 billion for Disney

update The cable TV giant launches a surprise bid to merge with Walt Disney, a deal that would create one of the largest media and distribution companies in the world.

By February 11, 2004