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Pink is still in for this LCD monitor and TV

Tatung model doesn't have a single Hello Kitty on it.

By June 21, 2007


Tatung debuts Web servers

The company rolls out two high-powered Web servers compatible with Sun's Ultra 2 line.

July 28, 1997


300-MHz workstations from Tatung

The company releases three new 300-MHz UltraSparc-II workstations, outdoing Intel-based competitors in speed but not price.

By June 24, 1997


Short Take: Tatung introduces workstation

Tatung Science & Technology introduced its Micro Compstation 5 Model 170, a TurboSPARC-based Internet-ready workstation with video and imaging capabilities. The workstation is targeted at those who use animation, technical, and commercial applications. Pricing starts at $5,395.

By February 19, 1997


Short: Tatung announces a graphics workstation

Tatung Science & Technology introduced the COMPstation U200-ES, a graphics workstation powered by a 200-MHz 64-bit UltraSPARC 1 processor. It features 1MB of external cache and allows data transfer rates of up to 1.6GB/sec, providing up to 10 times the bandwidth of previous bus-based technologies, according to the company. Prices start at $17,530.

By October 8, 1996


New spark in workstations

Tatung is the first to ship clone workstations based on Sun Microsystems Ultra-2 architecture.

December 9, 1996