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Tata air-power car looks like robot ladybird, may save world

Indian car maker Tata has a prototype motor that's powered by compressed air.

By August 16, 2012


Tata commercializing an air-powered car

Tata successfully demonstrated compressed air engines in its vehicles, and will work with MDI to bring this technology to market.

By May 17, 2012


Tata Nano blinged with £3m worth of gold, silver and gems

How do you pimp the 'world's cheapest car'? If you're Tata, you go full rap star and pimp it with £3m worth of jewellery.

By September 23, 2011


Tata Steel partnership yields solar girders

Dyesol solar panels incorporated into steel girders through research partnership.

By June 22, 2011


Can India's Tata make cheap, distributed energy?

The chief sustainability officer of utility Tata Power sees the potential for some clean-energy technologies for distributed power generation serving the "bottom of the pyramid."

By March 29, 2011


Press, Indian public give Tata's Nano good marks

When Tata Motors rolled out its tiny Nano last week in India, most reviewers cheered.

By April 2, 2009


India's Tata invests in MIT spin-off Sun Catalytix

Sun Catalytix, which is seeking to develop a cheap, solar-powered fuel cell, gets a $9.5 million investment led by Indian conglomerate Tata.

By October 7, 2010


Photos: Tata's $2,500 car

India's Tata launches the Nano, the world's cheapest car.

By January 11, 2008


Fiery protest over Tata's Nano

An opposition group in India burns the $2,500 "people's car" in effigy, charging that Tata Motors usurped farmers' lands for a factory.

By January 11, 2008


Tata Technologies: Future is auto electronics

Automotive news reports on Tata Technologies efforts to build an automotive engineering practice.

By February 3, 2010