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CES: Tanita unveils wireless body fat monitor for kids

Tanita's BF-2000 IronKids scale actually hides the results from the user, and wirelessly transmits weight and body fat readings to an in-range dedicated device.

By January 7, 2011


CES: Fitness, health tech all about wireless monitoring

The majority of announcements at the show's first Fitness TechZone in some way involved personal monitoring, but they boasted little new or necessary tech.

By January 8, 2011


Measure the depth, quality of your sleep at night

Japanese health monitor manufacturer Tanita unveils its sensor mat, placed beneath ones mattress, to track body motion, breathe rate, and pulse all night long.

By April 7, 2010


A scale for the Iron Man in your family

Tanita makes a device that measures the body, segment by segment.

By June 12, 2008


A machine that's worth its weight in fat

The mother of all body fat meters is here.

By January 25, 2008


A device to take your breath away

Or at least sanitize it

By April 19, 2007


Smart scale tells how buffed you are

Delivers physiological readings on specific body segments

By March 3, 2007