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Best Bluetooth headsets

Not only do they enable hands-free chatting, they also free you from dealing with tangled wires as y


Apple v. Samsung

The electronics titans square off in a tangled tale of mobile technology, centered on Apple's iPhone


Split earbuds do away with tangled cords, Bluetooth

The Split Kickstarter project combines compact earbuds with stand-alone audio players and an unusual method for keeping them in sync.

By Oct. 8, 2013


Disney debuts storybook apps for Lion King, Tangled

These terrific interactive books for kids join a growing list of other terrific interactive books for kids. (Find half a dozen more below.)

By Feb. 29, 2012


Magneat wire manager review: The end of tangled headphones?

A magnetic badge to end your woes of headphone tangling hell comes off as a little pointless for everyday use, but a boon for gym goers

By Mar. 12, 2010


Social network Ravelry solves a tangled problem

Knitting and crocheting goes 2.0 with Ravelry.

By Oct. 2, 2007


McCain tangled in flip-flop flap over wiretapping immunity

Republican says he hasn't changed his position on shielding telecommunications companies that illegally opened their networks to the Feds. But his statements suggest otherwise.

By Jun. 5, 2008


Beta testing Tangler: Getting tangled in the Ajax vines

Australian start-up aims to revolutionize the online discussion group.

By Dec. 29, 2006


PowerBook G4 12" review; Tangled in Spam; Macromedia offers subscription plan; more

PowerBook G4 12" review; Tangled in Spam; Macromedia offers subscription plan; more

By Feb. 10, 2003


Disney Storybook apps sale brings good tidings

Starting December 21 and running through January 2, Disney Publishing has specially priced some of its more popular titles.

By Dec. 17, 2012


Get a Nest Earbud Case for $9.99 shipped

Keep your earphones tangle-free and at the ready with this popular holster. A CNET-exclusive coupon code nets you free shipping.

By Jul. 10, 2013