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Virtual Pet Shelter founder finds solace in Tamagotchi

Many virtual pets end up living out their lives forgotten in dark drawers. If a new Virtual Pet Shelter gets off the ground, all those Tamagotchis and Webkinz will have a place to go.

By Mar. 12, 2012


Tamagotchi 15th anniversary pet can still die

Tamagotchi releases a limited-edition anniversary model of the electronic critters. They're still hungry, fussy, and capable of kicking the bucket.

By Dec. 5, 2011


Wappy robo-dog needs Tamagotchi-like love

Both a digital pet and a robot, Wappy has a personality and skills that evolve over time.

By Feb. 22, 2011


Tamagotchi forced to deal with family issues

"Tamagotchi Familitchi" is its latest incarnation.

By May. 7, 2008


Tamagotchi morphs into Mr. Roboto

The Little Mr. T grows up, goes mechanical.

By Sep. 21, 2007


Tamagotchi heads for the Wii

Two generations meet

By May. 14, 2007


Be your own Tamagotchi

The Human Player turns the tables, sort of

By Feb. 19, 2007


Tamagotchi gets rival from the future

3D character supposedly interacts with owner

By Feb. 2, 2007


Tamagotchi's terrible teens

It's back, and it's worse than ever

By Jan. 18, 2007


Piggy bank with a Tamagotchi twist

Amounts determine little man's lifestyle

By Jan. 2, 2007