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Falcon Northwest Talon (Intel Core i7)

Falcon Northwest's revamped, mainstream-oriented Talon gaming desktop puts its best redesigned foot forward with a new case and a strong, price-competitive configuration built around Intel's latest batch of Core i7 CPUs. Shop around, as many vendors will have adopted Intel's new chips, but for this build at this price, Falcon Northwest sets the example to beat.

By Sep. 7, 2009

4 stars Editor's rating Sep. 7, 2009

MSRP: $2,495.00


Falcon Northwest Talon (Intel Core i7 875-k)

Falcon Northwest's goal with this Talon build is to highlight the overclocking benefits of a new unlocked Core i7 CPU from Intel. Though the chip proves effective, we're more impressed with Falcon's ability to streamline its configuration. You'll find few nonperformance extras here, but you'll be surprised at how well this PC competes against others that cost twice as much.

By May. 27, 2010

3.5 stars Editor's rating May. 27, 2010

MSRP: $2,499.00


Falcon Northwest Talon

Falcon Northwest's revamped Talon gaming PC puts its best redesigned foot forward with a strong configuration build around Intel's latest batch of Core i7 CPUs.

By Sep. 8, 2009


Falcon Northwest Talon

Stressing function over form, the unassuming Falcon Northwest Talon is an SLI gaming PC that provides the power needed for today's games, just not at levels worth bragging about.

By May. 17, 2005

3 stars Editor's rating May. 17, 2005

Pricing not available


A Talon for land mines and heavy debris

Latest robot from Foster-Miller might provide more robust aid for those looking to clean up the dangerous litter of war.

By Dec. 10, 2008


Qinetiq robo-loaders heading to Fukushima

Powerful remote-controlled loaders may help clear the way for robots to work at Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant.

By Mar. 31, 2011


Intel challenges AMD 'Black' chips with new K-Series

Intel unveils its first mainstream CPUs with unlocked clock multipliers

By May. 28, 2010


New gear for robot whisperers

Two-way hailers available for Talon robots.

By Aug. 19, 2009


Maingear F131

Ignore the side panel. Maingear has an outstanding deal in this high-end F131 gaming desktop, which is one of the fastest PCs we've seen all year. We recommend this system without hesitation to serious PC gamers and those interested in a high-performance, high-value computer.

By Oct. 3, 2010

4.5 stars Editor's rating Oct. 3, 2010

MSRP: $2,495.00


Velocity Micro Edge Z30 (Intel Core i7 875K)

Velocity Micro's Edge Z30 offers a speedy, spare take on Intel's new overclockable K-Series CPUs. We noticed some unfortunate reductions to Velocity's support and it feels about time for a case refresh, but for the most part we can recommend the Edge Z30 to gamers looking for a lean and mean desktop.

By Jun. 8, 2010

3.5 stars Editor's rating Jun. 8, 2010

MSRP: $1,499.00