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Oopsie! Taliban outs mailing list

It seems that someone in the Taliban is still not quite au fait with the concept of the BCC.

By November 16, 2012


Taliban said to use Facebook to gather info on soldiers

The Australian Department of Defense says that the Taliban is creating fake Facebook profiles with photos of attractive women to lure in and acquire information from soldiers.

By September 11, 2012


Controversial Medal of Honor nixes Taliban

Medal of Honor will no longer feature the option for users to play as Taliban soldiers in its multiplayer mode. The Taliban has been renamed "Opposing Force."

By October 1, 2010


EA stands by Medal of Honor Taliban feature

The upcoming Medal of Honor title from EA will allow gamers to play as Taliban fighters. And some critics are unhappy about it.

By August 25, 2010


Is it too soon for gamers to join the Taliban?

EA's newest Medal of Honor multiplayer video game will allow players to become members of the Taliban.

By August 15, 2010


Taliban: Nix nighttime cell phone service

The former theocrats order mobile phones companies to shut down at night over fears of being tracked by American forces.

By February 28, 2008


Taliban Internet flashback

By July 13, 2005


Obama: Social media makes us see how messy the world is

Speaking at a Democratic Party fund-raiser, the president says social media lets us see the minute details of the world's hardships.

By August 30, 2014


The Sun Also Rises is a game that shows a different side of war

Joining the growing ranks of indie games offering more thoughtful takes on war, The Sun Also Rises hopes to show the very human impact of the Global War on Terror.

By August 7, 2014


Prince Harry: Xbox helps me shoot Afghan insurgents

Britain's not-next-in-line-to-the-throne Prince declares he's very, very good at EA's FIFA game and that his expert thumbs help make him a fine real-life warrior.

By January 22, 2013