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Microsoft's Surface 2 cleared for takeoff in cockpit

The tablet has been approved by the FAA for pilots use in all phases of air travel, lightening their flight bag and offering airlines an iPad alternative.

By Feb. 11, 2014


BA lets you use phones, tablets in flight mode during takeoff

You won't have to turn your phone off if you fly with British Airways from tomorrow -- as long as it's in flight mode.

By Dec. 18, 2013


Terrafugia to develop vertical takeoff flying car

The TF-X will build on the company's Transition flying car and will allow drivers to take off and land vertically.

By May. 6, 2013


This is what happens when a jet engine explodes during takeoff

Monday, an Airbus 330 is taking happy people off to the Dominican Republic from Manchester, England, when its right-hand engine starts spouting flames.

By Jun. 25, 2013


Takeoff! Boeing's next-gen 747 ready for passengers

After six years of waiting, Germany's Lufthansa finally got the keys to the very first commercial 747-8 Intercontinental. Starting June 1, the new plane will have paying passengers.

35 Images By May. 1, 2012


New jumbo jet performs ultimate aborted takeoff

In an experiment by Boeing, the captain of a new 747-8 slams on the brakes at maximum thrust, despite carrying 1 million pounds of weight and dealing with 100 percent worn-out brakes.

By May. 7, 2011


Takeoff in Boeing's 787 simulator (video)

CNET took a ride in the full flight simulator for Boeing's 787 Dreamliner aircraft in Renton, Wash. Catch a glimpse of our virtual flight.

By Aug. 27, 2010


787 Dreamliner takeoff and landing tests (photos)

While the press waited for the first flight of Boeing's 747-8 Intercontinental, its 787 Dreamliner did takeoffs and landings.

6 Images By Mar. 20, 2011


Flying car gets closer to takeoff (photos)

There have been new improvements to the Terrafugia Transition, a car that has retractable wings and can take to the skies.

6 Images By Jul. 26, 2010


Rocket Racing League announces August takeoff

After months of delays, the "Nascar in the sky" aeronautics start-up gets ready for its first exhibition race.

By Apr. 14, 2008