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Filter out the fakers with Tablified Market for Android

With all the scaled-up fakers littering the Google Play Store, Tablified Market offers a refreshing way to discover only apps that are truly optimized for your Android tablet.

By March 16, 2012


Add floating IM windows to your Android tablet

Tablets offer a lot of screen real estate to enjoy your favorite Web sites or apps, so why not making chatting with friends easier at the same time.

By May 18, 2012


Android Atlas Weekly Ep. 90: Awkward segues (Podcast)

Jessica Dolcourt stops by to share the latest Samsung Galaxy rumors; Jaymar Cabebe muses on HTC becoming a music company; and Antuan Goodwin botches segue after segue on this episode of Android Atlas Weekly.

By March 21, 2012


Android Atlas Weekly 89: YouTube vs Android: a war for content (Podcast)

Jessica Dolcourt joins us as we dish on Google's confusing content strategy, an underground Android pin frenzy, and a few hot, though slightly creepy, apps coming out of SXSW.

By March 14, 2012