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Griffin Survivor case for tablets

If you need an extra layer of durability, the Griffin Survivor cases protect well against small drops and minor spills, but those who need a rugged case which can take more of a beating should look elsewhere.

By July 15, 2014

3 stars Editors' rating July 15, 2014
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Best tablets of 2016

Here's a collection of the tablets rated highest by CNET editors. Visit our tablet page for all the latest news, and be sure to see our list of the Best Android tablets, highlighting only Android OS devices.


Belkin Universal Cover for 7-8-inch tablets

The Belkin tablet case provides a firm fit and basic protection, but its design conforms better to midsize tablets than 7-inchers.

By August 1, 2014

3.5 stars Editors' rating August 1, 2014

Satechi SCH-121 Cup Holder Mount for Smartphones & Tablets

Depending on the position and nature of your car's cup holders, the Satechi SCH-121 Cup Holder Mount is a reasonable alternative to windshield-mounting a tablet.

By July 26, 2012

3.5 stars Editors' rating July 26, 2012

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet

The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 tablet isn't as slick as some other Windows tablets, but its modular add-ons give it a cool built-to-order feel.

By July 15, 2016

3.5 stars Editors' rating July 15, 2016

Inside the RNC's secret cybersecurity battle

The Republican National Convention is under constant attack. Here's how cyberdefense firms keep thousands of connected devices safe around the clock.

By July 20, 2016


Vizio M series 2016: Midrange TV with a free tablet

The successor to CNET's favorite TV last year, the new M series comes with high dynamic range and a 6-inch Android tablet remote.

By July 21, 2016


Asus ZenPad Z8 is the affordable and portable Verizon tablet to get

The slim 8-inch tablet costs $250 without a contract, $200 with a two-year contract or a little less than $11 per month if you qualify for the 24-month payment plan.

By July 17, 2016


An oven with a built-in tablet is a great idea -- in theory

The Dacor DYRP36D is an $8,999 dual-fuel range that includes an Android tablet. But the outdated operating system slows down the potential for a useful, connected appliance.

By July 15, 2016


Dacor gets aggressive by putting a tablet on an oven

The $8,999 Dacor DYRP36D is a dual-fuel range that includes a fully functional Android tablet.

12 Images By July 15, 2016


These tablets are priced to sell, but don't call them cheap

Tablet shopping on a budget? We've got you covered with some of the best slates under $200.

By July 2, 2016