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Apple tablet PC: One patent closer to reality?

We revealed Apple's plans for a tablet PC over a year ago. Much has changed in the laptop market since then, but a new patent suggests Apple's tablet could be closer than we think

By February 3, 2009


Archos debuts two 'internet media tablets'

Two high-res, Wi-Fi toting, high-capacity handhelds from Archos will be hitting shelves in October. Just don't call them media players.

By September 29, 2008


Nokia axes N810 WiMax Edition Internet Tablet

A lack of WiMax penetration may have doomed the device.

By January 25, 2009


Intel unveils tablet Classmate PC design

The tablet-format Classmate will let manufacturers build Classmate PCs that can be used either as a standard clamshell laptop or--with a 180-degree swivel of the display--as a touch-screen tablet.

By January 12, 2009


Asus T91: Multi-touch tablet netbook

OMG! Asus has just announced the Eee PC T91 convertible tablet. A tiny netbook with a swivelling screen? NFW, homes!

By January 7, 2009


Fujitsu updates tiny LifeBook tablets

Japanese company announces the 5.6-inch LifeBook U820 and 8.9-inch LifeBook P1630 tablets, designed primarily for markets such as health care and manufacturing.

By November 4, 2008


OWC now turns your MacBook into a tablet

OWC announces Modservice in the U.S. that turns your MacBook into a tablet computer (ModBook).

By October 31, 2008


Toshiba releases a Portege trio, two ultraportables, and a tablet

Toshiba announces the Portege R600, A600, and M750.

By October 14, 2008


Panasonic's Atom-based medical tablet

A tablet PC for nurses and doctors has Intel's Atom chip inside.

By September 26, 2008


Lenovo debuts X200 Tablet, X200s at NY event

At an event in New York on Thursday, Lenovo was showing off its latest tablet PC as well as a new ultraportable ThinkPad.

By September 18, 2008