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Sherlock in Shanghai: Drink tea in a Holmes-themed cafe

Ponder mysteries while sipping tea in the Sherlock Holmes-themed cafe 221B Baker Street, which features wearable deerstalker hats, Union Jack cups, and artwork of actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

By January 29, 2014


Tablecloth pulling meets arcade game

From Japan comes The Tablecloth Hour, which challenges players to yank a real piece of tablecloth from under a virtual place setting.

By August 17, 2010


Lazy Sunday tablecloth pants: Kid-tested, slob-approved

Lazy bums the world over rejoice over Lazy Sunday tablecloth sweatpants.

By April 7, 2009


Geek's marriage code: Propose Marty McFly-style

For pure geek gumption, it's hard to beat Corey Goldfeder's elaborate scheme of digitally editing himself into "Back to the Future" to pop the question.

By April 22, 2010


Make red wine stains vanish

A little spilled wine can turn into a big problem, leaving stains in all kinds of fabric. Wine Away offers a way to remove red wine stains without harsh cleaners.

By December 20, 2009


Outdoor kitchen cabinets for the backyard gourmet

These stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinets make it easy for you to create professional results in your yard.

By April 8, 2009


Screws Stripped on Personal Computer Repairs

While Macintosh owners have well-designed computers that are visually appealing and functionally efficient, they also are hard to crack open. As with any computer, Mac owners desire to service their systems and install simple upgrades and replacement par

By March 9, 2009


Yet another astro-gadget: the Aurora Borealis simulator

Projects on walls, ceilings, etc.

By April 5, 2007


Your dream home, delivered to your doorstep

Want the house of your dreams? Just design it on a computer and print it out in lumber.

By March 28, 2007