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HP Pavilion HDX (Intel Core 2 Duo T9300)

The updated HP Pavilion HDX is still a glorious example of conspicuous consumption and adds a few improvements, notably the latest in laptop graphics and a screen that can display full 1080p.

By January 18, 2008

4 stars Editors' rating January 18, 2008

Dell spikes game site with Alienware systems

The PC maker is promoting a peaceful coexistence for both XPS and Area-51 notebooks as it works to integrate the two development teams.

By May 16, 2008


Samsung R410 laptop: Cheap, attractive, breaks wrists

When the waif-like Korean girl demonstrating the R410 handed one over, proclaiming it was "really light", its 2.4kg chassis nearly snapped our arms out of their sockets

By May 14, 2008


HP Japan lineup boasts newest AMD chips

Hewlett-Packard's Japan arm introduced a raft of new consumer PCs with plenty of AMD-based offerings on top of Intel systems.

By April 22, 2008


Asus Lamborghini VX3 pulls into the lab

Asus Lamborghini VX3 pulls into the lab

By April 16, 2008


More details on new Toshiba Satellites

Toshiba released full configuration information for the newest Satellite line.

By April 8, 2008


Discerning desktop replacements: Our favorite 17-inch laptops

CNET picks its favorite 17-inch desktop replacement laptops

By March 19, 2008


Dell, HP blanket notebook lines with Penryn chips

Dell offers the 45nm Penryn processor across the board. HP with some exceptions.

By March 12, 2008


New Apple MacBooks: Now with added Penryn

Apple has just unveiled what we've all been expecting for months: new MacBooks and MacBook Pros that sport new Intel 'Penryn' Core 2 Duo CPUs

By February 26, 2008


Dell launches Inspiron notebooks with 'Penryn' chip

This marks the first time the PC maker has included the 45-nanometer processor as an option in the consumer-oriented Inspiron line.

By February 20, 2008