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​Iliad allies could sweeten bid to buy T-Mobile USA

The French company doesn't want to pay more on its own, but is rounding up allies to help persuade Deutsche Telekom to sell its controlling interest in the US carrier.

By September 1, 2014


T-Mobile USA adds customers but sheds sales in latest quarter

The carrier attracted 61,000 new customers in total in the fourth quarter, though sales fell by 5.2 percent from a year ago.

By February 28, 2013


T-Mobile CEO hints at family plan disruption in 2014

T-Mobile USA may soon offer family plan consumers an incentive to ditch their current providers for T-Mobile as part of its "UnCarrier 4.0" strategy, according to a tweet from CEO John Legere.

By January 2, 2014


T-Mobile USA soon to carry iPhone, analyst suggests

Chatter is picking up about a deal between Apple and T-Mobile to carry the device in the U.S., Merrill Lynch says.

By November 29, 2012


T-Mobile USA loses 492,000 contract customers in Q3

A massive charge from the T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS merger hits T-Mobile's bottom line for the third quarter.

By November 8, 2012


T-Mobile says it has a fix to FCC auction rule debate

A T-Mobile USA proposal would allow the agency to set rules in the upcoming incentive auction to make sure smaller carriers have fair access to spectrum, while also ensuring the auction generates enough revenue to satisfy Congressional requirements.

By June 24, 2013


Verizon, T-Mobile foreign stakes make data collection harder

The fact that T-Mobile USA and Verizon Wireless have foreign investors makes it more difficult for the NSA to collect data, according to the WSJ. But the agency can still get what it wants.

By June 14, 2013


Vodafone nabs newly departed T-Mobile USA chief

Former T-Mobile USA chief executive Philipp Humm, who left the company just yesterday, will join rival firm Vodafone Group later this year.

By June 28, 2012


T-Mobile USA CEO resigns

Philipp Humm leaves the fourth-largest wireless provider to pursue another career, the company says. According to an internal memo leaked to GeekWire, he left to work for a competitor.

By June 27, 2012


MetroPCS shareholders approve T-Mobile merger

Investor approval is now a done deal, allowing T-Mobile USA parent Deutsche Telekom and MetroPCS Communications to move forward on the merger.

By April 24, 2013