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Windows Mobile 6 upgrade arrives for T-Mobile Dash

T-Mobile announces Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for the T-Mobile Dash (aka HTC Excalibur).

By May 2, 2007


T-Mobile to allow Wi-Fi calls

T-Mobile is testing a network in Seattle that could bring about nationwide Wi-Fi dialing.

By May 3, 2007


T-Mobile wins again

T-Mobile wins another customer satisfaction award

By April 19, 2007


T-Mobile gets all colorful

T-Mobile offers the Stripe and Rizr in new colors

By April 18, 2007


T-Mobile announces Sidekick iD--a phone for Britney Spears' sister

T-Mobile announces Sidekick iD, a watered-down version of the Sidekick 3 at a more affordable price.

By April 13, 2007


T-Mobile launches Moto Krzr, Verizon picks up the Slvr

T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless formally adopted more Motorola design models by offering the Krzr and Slvr phones, respectively.

By April 2, 2007


T-Mobile goes official with the Rizr Z3

T-Mobile is now selling Moto's first slider phone.

By March 21, 2007


T-Mobile turns its back on the world

Though T-Mobile has long offered quad-band world phones, the carrier now seems to be showing them the door.

By March 15, 2007


Samsung's SGH-T329 heads for T-Mobile

The upgrade to the previous SGH-T319 offers an improved design.

By January 9, 2007


T-Mobile goes crazy with Krzr

The Motorola Krzr K1 phone will soon head to T-Mobile.

By February 27, 2007