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Roses are red, condoms are blue... if you have syphilis

The S.T.EYE condom can not only help couples practice safe sex but it can also change colors to show the presence of an STD. And it came from the minds of three inventive teenagers.

By June 24, 2015


Is Facebook to blame for U.K. rise in syphilis?

Director of public health in Teesside region blames social-networking sites for offering a new way to meet for casual sex, hence causing a rise in cases of the STD.

By March 24, 2010


Dangerous sex on Facebook

Become a fan of casual sex on Facebook...get syphilis in the process. Meanwhile, the HTV Evo 4G is all that plus a kickstand. And: total China insanity!

By March 26, 2010


Rumor Mill: Health board troubled by AOL flings

The company and San Francisco's health department battle over a suspected link between AOL chat rooms and an explosive rise in the number of syphilis cases among gay men.

October 19, 2001