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Sony Handycam DCR-SX85E (Silver)

Sony's Handycam DCR-SX45, SX65, and SX85 standard-definition camcorders pack a megazoom lens at a reasonable price; one look at the standard-definition video, though, and you might regret not spending a bit more for an HD model.

March 17, 2011

3 stars Editors' rating on June 13, 2011

MSI GeForce 8800 GTX (PCI-E, 768MB)

This one is easy. Nvidia's GeForce 8800 GTX not only beats ATI to market with its next-gen 3D graphics hardware, it also eliminates ATI's image-quality advantage in current-generation titles. Throw in its sheer horsepower, and Nvidia gives the high-end enthusiast every reason to make this purchase.

November 8, 2006

4.5 stars Editors' rating on November 8, 2006

SimpleTech Signature Mini (320GB, red)

The SimpleTech Signature Mini Black Cherry is a compact, USB-only external hard drive that will tempt you with its sleek design, and then win you over with its capacity, performance, and price.

February 21, 2008

4 stars Editors' rating on May 20, 2008

Xpand X104 YOUniversal 3D glasses (small, blue/black)

For the narrow niche of users who need active 3D glasses that work with most 3D TVs regardless of brand, the Xpand YOUniversals are great. For everyone else, they're overkill.

May 21, 2012

3.5 stars Editors' rating on May 24, 2012

Sony Handycam DCR-SX41 (Silver)

If internal flash memory, zoom range, and a touch-screen LCD are on your list of needs before video quality, check out the Sony Handycam DCR-SX41.

January 7, 2009

3 stars Editors' rating on September 7, 2009

Canon PowerShot SX130 IS

The budget-friendly Canon PowerShot SX130 IS is a solid, compact megazoom for those who prize creative control and photo quality more than fast shooting performance or a small, lightweight design.

September 1, 2010

3.5 stars Editors' rating on October 26, 2010
3.5 stars User rating out of 4 reviews

Canon PowerShot SX30 IS (Black)

The Canon PowerShot SX30 IS is a point-and-shoot camera with a 35x zoom lens. As long as you're not expecting much more than that, it's a very good megazoom.

September 14, 2010

3.5 stars Editors' rating on October 20, 2010

Canon PowerShot SX200 IS (Blue)

More than just a point-and-shoot pocket megazoom, the Canon SX200 IS improves upon its forerunner, but not by much.

February 23, 2009

3.5 stars Editors' rating on April 28, 2009

Canon PowerShot SX110 IS (Black)

Though it's certainly a good, inexpensive megazoom camera, some aspects of the Canon PowerShot SX110 IS fall a bit short of its predecessor.

September 3, 2008

3.5 stars Editors' rating on December 11, 2008

Canon PowerShot SX20 IS

The Canon PowerShot SX20 IS is a solid, but not standout, megazoom option for the money.

August 19, 2009

3.5 stars Editors' rating on December 15, 2009