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sweatin' to the oldies


Music labels sue SiriusXM over unpaid royalties on oldies

The lawsuit accuses the satellite radio company of not paying royalties for music it plays that was recorded before 1972 when federal protections kicked in.

By September 11, 2013


Sony MDR-V6 and Sony MDR-7506 headphones: Oldies but goodies

At less than $100 online, these two classic 'studio' headphones are bargains, offering excellent sound and comfort.

By July 19, 2013


Sweatin' to the PS2

By April 4, 2005


Oldies but goodies: MP3 players that are still worth buying

In the world of MP3 players, newer isn't always better. Take a look at some great values in older portable media players.

6 Images By August 17, 2009


Pandora sued by record labels for copyright infringement

Sony, Warner, and Universal argue that under state law, the music streaming service must pay license fees for songs recorded before 1972.

By April 17, 2014


Get 13 Star Wars games (PC) for $49.99

Sure, the bundle includes some oldies, but they're mostly goodies. These 13 action, adventure, and strategy games would run you $160 if purchased separately.

By September 15, 2010


New evidence links Hulu with mushed brains

It seems that the biggest demographic for Hulu once the site went public was oldies ages 55 and over.

By February 11, 2009


Game Boy games we want to see on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console

Now that the Nintendo 3DS has made a Game Boy Virtual Console official, expect a lot of oldies to get dusted off and popped back into circulation. Here's our wish list.

By September 29, 2010


Headset screens calls for you

It's either a handy item or totally useless.

By April 17, 2008


Tekzilla Daily: Listening to forgotten tracks on iTunes

Out of the thousands of songs on your iPod, there's gotta be a bunch you've been neglecting. Patrick will show you how to revisit those golden oldies you forgot you even owned.

September 3, 2008