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Pantech Pocket (AT&T)

The Pocket is Pantech's first-ever 4G Android phone for AT&T. It has an unusually wide 4-inch SVGA display, and it ships with Android 2.3 Gingerbread and a 5-megapixel camera.

By October 13, 2011


The incredible shrinking SVGA screen

Another "world's first" claim measures 0.44 inches.

By January 11, 2008


Phone projectors get another step closer

Korean researchers are developing a 4-ounce device can basically throw pictures off your mobile device to a 60-inch full-color SVGA image more than 6 feet away.

By July 3, 2008


Dell 1100MP DLP Projector

Clearly one of the best buys in the budget SVGA projector market, the Dell 1100MP offers good performance and great features.

By June 21, 2005

3.5 stars Editors' rating June 21, 2005

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Dell 2100MP DLP projector

The Dell 2100MP is our favorite budget portable SVGA projector, but we'd like to see cooler performance and a longer warranty.

By September 7, 2003

3.5 stars Editors' rating September 7, 2003

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Fujitsu unveils tablet computer

Fujitsu PC, a subsidiary of Japanese conglomerate Fujitsu, has released an upgraded version of its Stylistic LT P-600 tablet computer. Weighing 2.65 pounds, the new system comes with a 600MHz low-voltage Pentium III, 15GB hard drive and up to 256MB of memory. It also is available with two types of screens: a regular color LCD or a Transflective SVGA color LCD, which is easier to view outdoors. Prices start at $3,599. Tablet computers, which essentially look like laptop screens, are primarily sold into specific vertical markets, such as the delivery or warehouse business, where regular computers are inconvenient. Workers with tablet computers input data with a stylus rather than a keyboard. Some companies have tried to bring these devices to the consumer market but have met with little success.

By September 10, 2001


Hitachi, NEC unveil LCD projectors

Hitachi America and NEC on Monday announced LCD (liquid crystal display) projectors weighing about 5 pounds. Hitachi America, a subsidiary of Hitachi, unveiled its first XGA micro-portable projector. The Hitachi CP-X270W with XGA resolution provides a sharper image than standard SVGA projectors. It weighs 5 pounds and costs $5,495. Meanwhile, NEC introduced the LT156, which it describes as the industry's first LCD projector weighing less than 5 pounds and featuring DVI-I input. The latter feature allows the transmission of both analog and digital signals. The projector is compatible with the analog outputs featured on laptops today, but also with future laptops that may feature digital outputs. It weighs 4.9 pounds and costs $4,795.

By April 16, 2001


Short Take: Compaq unveils new budget laptop

Compaq Computer announced the Compaq Notebook 100, a new laptop that will carry an estimated price of $1,099. The lightweight, 1-7-inch thick machine includes a 475-MHz AMD K6 processor, a 12.1-inch SVGA HPA or TFT display, 24X CD-ROM drive, a 5GB hard drive, Windows 98 and Microsoft Office.

By March 20, 2000


Short Take: Akia adds to notebook line

Akia announced an addition to its Tornado line of notebooks. The TS166 will begin shipping in mid-October with a 166-MHz Pentium MMX processor, a 2.1GB hard drive, 32MB of RAM, a 12.1 SVGA screen, and a 10X CD-ROM, for a price of $2,899. Akia's Tornado line also includes models with 200- and 233-MHz processors.

By October 2, 1997


Short Take: Fujitsu introduces Point 510

Fujitsu Personal Systems has introduced the Point 510, a low-cost pen computer running Windows. Priced at around $2,600, the 510 contains a 10.4 inch SVGA color display, a 100-MHz processor, a 1.4GB hard drive, and 64MB of EDO RAM. Both will be available in August. Fujitsu is also coming out with a pen computer running Windows NT. The Stylistic 1200 will cost $4,730 and come with a Pentium 120-MHz processor.

By July 21, 1997