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Five tips from a budding green-tech cluster

Entrepreneurs at five early-stage, clean-energy companies in Massachusetts say creating a network of like-minded businesses goes a long way to cultivating green start-ups.

By June 3, 2011


GE invests in storage unit innovation

Dartmouth start-up SustainX wins $14.4 million in funding from GE for its compressed-air energy storage invention.

By March 16, 2011


Green-tech companies look overseas for foothold

To navigate uncertain policies in the U.S., clean-tech start-ups are trying to grow on the cheap and get first products online in China and other countries.

By November 20, 2010


GE funds energy start-ups in smart grid contest

General Electric and VC partners to invest $55 million in 12 start-ups while GE to make $10 million to students to encourage training in electric power engineering.

By November 16, 2010


Grid storage gets updraft from auto batteries

The nascent industry for grid storage is being aided by falling prices for auto batteries and the technology race to build better bulk energy technology to store wind and solar power.

By September 17, 2010


Start-up compresses air in tanks for energy storage

SustainX, spun out of Dartmouth, is developing a energy production system that uses compressed air stored in portable containers, rather than in natural underground formations.

By November 13, 2009


Utility energy storage no longer just giant batteries

The latest smart-grid programs give alternative storage technologies--including compressed air, flow batteries, and flywheels--a shot at proving themselves at utility scale.

By November 25, 2009