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Verizon CEO: Unlimited data plans just aren't sustainable

"If you allow unlimited usage, you just run out of gas," says Verizon chief Lowell McAdam. Oh, and don't go looking for a price war anytime soon.

By Sep. 24, 2013


Sustainable fishing 'SafetyNet' catches big prize

This year's James Dyson Award for design goes to an innovative commercial fishing net system that could make the practice far more sustainable by saving millions of fish annual.

By Nov. 8, 2012


Prefab homes that are stylish, sustainable (video)

Simpatico Homes constructs eco-friendly, modern houses out of factory-built modules. The inspiration? Joseph Eichler. SmartPlanet's Sumi Das takes a tour of a prototype.

By Jan. 23, 2012


Eat more sustainable seafood with Seafood Watch

This free iOS app from the Monterey Bay Aquarium gives you a handy pocket guide to find seafood that is fished or farmed using sustainable methods.

By Jan. 20, 2012


Ashcraft Design visualizes sustainable headphones

The Aria headphone by Ashcraft Design shows that stylish headphones can be ecologically responsible at the same time.

By Feb. 25, 2011


Sustainable Planet Showcase

At this year's 2009 CES, green tech is making its mark at the Sustainable Planet showcase, located in Central Hall. These eco-friendly exhibitors' booths look smaller than the more mainstream booths nearby, but their cause is big.

8 Images By Jan. 9, 2009


Report: Time for next stage of sustainable business

Activist investor group urges companies to track their use of energy and resources as closely as it does its hiring and cash flow.

By Mar. 10, 2010


Report: Time for next stage of sustainable business

This story originally gave an incorrect figure for the assets overseen by Ceres members. Ceres says its members oversee some $400 billion in assets.

By Mar. 12, 2010


The week in sustainable energy stocks

Continuing concerns with economic conditions drove all the broad stock indicators into negative territory for the week.

By Mar. 10, 2008