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Intricate space surgery revives Hubble camera

Spacewalker John Grunsfeld, operating on the Hubble Space Telescope, pulls off a dramatic repair, helping to bring a dead camera back to life.

By May 16, 2009


Valleywag: Steve Jobs undergoing surgery Monday

Apple's CEO has reportedly checked into Stanford Hospital, near his home in Palo Alto, Calif., for an unspecified surgical procedure.

By January 26, 2009


IXOS XHE228: Extra HDMI socket, no need for messy surgery

If your TV doesn't quite have enough HDMI sockets, you might be in the market for a device that adds an extra one without you needing to cut holes in your pride and joy

By November 19, 2008


CBS video: Brain surgery gets 3D assist

At New York's Weill-Cornell Medical Center, Dr. Theodore Schwartz dons 3D goggles to get a better look at a tumor he's trying to remove.

By August 13, 2008


Long space flights will make you short, fat, and bald

Scientists believe that the long-distance space flights of the future will have a deleterious effect on our physical beauty.

By June 4, 2009


Report: Steve Jobs on track for June return

Apple's CEO is on schedule to return this month from six months of medical leave. Will he return to announce a new iPhone?

By June 4, 2009


Put down that phone, cries elbow

Report says prolonged usage of cell phone can lead to elbow pain.

By June 2, 2009


Replace your iPhone 3G battery for $6

Don't buy a whole new iPhone just because your battery can't hold a charge anymore. For as little as $6, anyone handy with an X-Acto knife can swap in a new battery.

By June 1, 2009


Marathon spacewalk gives Hubble new life

Astronauts carry out invasive surgery on Hubble telescope, working around problems to install new gyroscopes and fresh batteries during a marathon spacewalk.

By May 15, 2009


Facebook makes exception to nudity policy?

A woman posts her topless picture, post-mastectomy, on Facebook, to raise awareness of breast cancer. Facebook removes it as 'sexual and abusive,' only to apologize and re-instate it after protests.

By May 29, 2009