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Headphone buying guide

In-ear vs. on-ear, circumaural vs. supraaural, open vs. closed back -- shopping for the right pair of headphones can be tough, but CNET's on the job with a buying guide to help you narrow down your choices.

By November 26, 2013


The greatest audio and video products of the 20th century

The Audiophiliac takes a stroll down memory lane and recalls some of the most important gear of decades past.

By October 21, 2012


Aiaiai Capital headphones propel Danish design momentum

It's already been a great year for the Danish headphone designers over at Aiaiai, and it's about to get better. The company's TMA-1 DJ headphones recently earned a spot in an SFMOMA exhibit, and its latest headphones are garnering shrieks of schoolgirl glee from audiophiles who appreciate equal parts form and function.

By January 9, 2012


Before you buy full-size headphones, read this

Open-back headphones let you hear the world around you and closed-back headphones hush external noise. We compare the two types.

By August 17, 2010


Choosing between headphone types--Ask the Editors

CNET MP3 editor Jasmine France answers a reader e-mail about choosing between types of headphones.

By June 22, 2009


New headphones from Denon

Denon has introduced five new headphone models: the AH-D5000 ($700), the AH-D2000 ($350), the AH-D1000 ($150), the AH-C700 ($200), and the AH-C350 ($50).

By February 5, 2007


Bose announces new QuietComfort 3 noise-canceling headphones

Bose announces new QuietComfort 3 noise-canceling headphones

By June 7, 2006