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Free crapware removal from Support.com

The tech support firm says it will remove trialware at no cost, but must get remote access to your PC.

By December 8, 2008


Buzz Out Loud 868: Joogle and the Spindle

We rename Google's boring-sounding Native Client project to let you know what it really is: Java from Google. You know, Joogle. Also, HP unveils flexible paper using e-ink and a roller design that inspires version 3 of the Kindle: the Spindle.

By December 9, 2008


Support.com soars in debut

July 19, 2000


Remote support comes to consumers' aid

As households fill up with PCs, gadgets and networking gear, today's troubleshooters are finding ways to skip the house call.

By May 21, 2007


Odds & Ends: Goliath for iDisk; Peak install glitch?;

Odds & Ends: Goliath for iDisk; Peak install glitch?;

By March 27, 2002


Softbank Venture Capital changes name

Softbank Venture Capital has changed its name to Mobius Venture Capital. The U.S.-focused VC firm, which has been independent from Softbank since 1996, said its management and the size of its funds and staff would remain unchanged. The firm, which has $2.5 billion under management, also said it had invested in SkyPilot Network and Bergana Communications, bringing the number of its wireless companies to eight. Other Mobius-funded start-ups include Comergent, Danger Research, Dantz Development, Finaplex, Invesmart, Support.com, Terabeam, The Feld Group and United Devices.

By December 5, 2001


Can high tech transform India's economy?

Experts on a Wharton forum discuss why a country that has such a strong knowledge advantage is lagging behind others in overall economic development.

December 9, 2000


Customer disservice: E-tailers dodge calls to cut costs

Many Net companies take a hands-off approach to the customer service, deliberately leaving phone numbers off sites to avoid the cost and hassle of staffing call centers.

By September 14, 2000


Wireless maker Airspan takes off in first-day trading

Airspan Networks, which makes equipment used to transmit wireless voice and data, skyrockets in its initial public offering.

July 20, 2000