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Via Labs launches flash USB 3.0 controller

Via Labs announces the next generation of USB 3.0 controller for flash-based storage devices, the VL751 SuperSpeed USB to NAND flash controller

By July 28, 2011


USB 3 vs USB 2: Buffalo HD-HXU3 hard drive speed tested

Today, Crave has the very first external hard drive in the UK that uses the SuperSpeed USB 3 standard. SuperSpeed USB 3, people! Pull up a chair and let's take a butchers'

By November 3, 2009


VIA launches world's first USB 3.0 hub controller

VIA's new VL810 SuperSpeed USB hub controller allows a single USB port to be used by up to four high-bandwidth USB 3.0 devices simultaneously.

By January 4, 2010


USB 3.1 spec finalized with speeds up to 10 Gbps

The USB 3.0 Promoter Group has completed its specification for USB 3.1, paving the way for the faster format.

By August 1, 2013


Meet the new, reversible USB

The official design for the next-generation, reversible USB has been finalised, and it can be plugged in upside down.

By August 12, 2014


USB 3.0 that much closer to standard on Intel PCs

USB 3.0 should become widely available next year as Intel builds support for the standard into its chips.

By December 14, 2011


USB Type-C: One cable to connect them all

CNET editor Dong Ngo explains the USB standard and the significance of the latest USB Type-C.

By August 22, 2014


Report: 80 million USB 3.0 devices in 2011

Tens of millions of USB 3.0 devices will ship next year, as major PC component makers such as Advanced Micro Devices get behind the standard, according to market researcher In-Stat.

By June 14, 2011

Editors' Take

Samsung WA9000 Top-Load Washer

Samsung announces a front-load washer/dryer pair and a top-load washer/dryer pair at CES.

January 6, 2014

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Multiplayer gets weirdly mesmerising with Push Me Pull You

Four-player Push Me Pull You is one of the strangest -- and most mesmerising -- gaming experiences we've ever clapped eyes on.

By July 20, 2014