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Seagate GoFlex: Portable storage goes superflexible

Seagate unveils an entirely new line of external storage solutions called FreeAgent GoFlex that sport a very flexible adapter design.

By May 4, 2010


Military sees the electroactive light

The U.S. military will use a flexible, lightweight light panel made from an electroactive polymer based-material to light up its tents.

By February 27, 2007


Short Take: Storage Dimensions introduces SuperFlex 3000

Storage Dimensions has introduced an external storage system for Windows NT and NetWare that it says is much faster than offerings from Compaq and HP. According to the company, its SuperFlex 3000 DGR Ultra combines UltraSCSI technology and a scalable caching architecture to achieve performance levels previously found only in high-end Unix environments.

By July 28, 1997