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Could used cigarette butts power our gadgets?

New research from Korea suggests the filters from cigarettes could someday help bring more efficient energy storage to our computers and smartphones.

By August 6, 2014


Teen's science project could charge phones in 20 seconds

An 18-year-old's science fair project leads her to create an improved supercapacitor with technology that could provide superfast phone charging in the future.

By May 20, 2013


New teeny-tiny battery charges in less than a second

A lithium ion micro-battery out of the University of Illinois is just millimeters in size, can jump-start a car battery, and recharges in less than a second. It's not ready for market just yet, though.

By April 18, 2013


World's smallest battery will put power everywhere

University researchers make a battery out of a nanowire, setting the record for the smallest powerpack. Someday the batteries could be inside your body.

By August 2, 2011


Honda explores nano technology

Honda Research Institute announces advances in nano technology. The full report is available in today's edition of Science magazine.

By October 2, 2009


Plastic surgery is about to get a makeover

Scientists in Japan unveil ultrathin, biodegradable nanosheets that bind tissue together without leaving a scar.

By August 7, 2009


The end of battery-backed cache?

Adaptec has announced a RAID controller series that uses NAND and Supercapacitors to protect data in cache in case of failure. Will Adaptec stand alone?

By June 26, 2009


Human energy harvesting--a very silly idea

Glaskowsky analyzes the latest, and least, idea in alternative energy.

By September 17, 2007


Notebook overhaul on the horizon

Customer demand for laptops is forcing the hand of innovation for manufactures looking for ways to juice up power performance and other features.

By August 19, 2002