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Today's teens unimpressed by Nintendo's retro Power Glove controller

Remember how cool the Power Glove was when it came out in 1989? It even starred in "The Wizard" with Fred Savage! But teens today aren't buying the old hype in the Fine Brothers' latest video.

By February 9, 2015

Trade show

CTIA Super Mobility Week

CTIA shows off what's new in smartphones, accessories, and all things mobile.


Here's the innovative CES tech you almost missed

Some of the most innovative startups at CES weren't on the main show floor.

By January 9, 2015


'From like 1920': Today's teens react to original NES

Watch as teens, including "Game of Thrones" star Maisie Williams, attempt to figure out how to play Super Mario Brothers using an original Nintendo Entertainment System.

By September 8, 2014


The five different Galaxy S4s: Which one's for you?

There are now five smartphones bearing Samsung's Galaxy S4 name, but they're all a little different. Here's how to tell them apart.

By June 12, 2013


Motorola Droid Razr Maxx vs. Samsung Galaxy Nexus (video)

Verizon's two reigning heavyweights--and CNET's top-rated Android phones--are about to duke it out. Which will own the title, Ice Cream Sandwich on an HD screen or Kevlar and battery muscle?

By February 14, 2012


Nintendo: 'Heyday of piracy' is waning

Nintendo's general manager for the U.K. and the company's marketing manage believe the "heyday of piracy" in the games business is past, according to CVG report.

By January 26, 2011


Nintendo: Don't blame slow sales on piracy

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata says company's expected slow gaming sales over next few months has more to do with a lack of "hits" than piracy.

By October 11, 2010


Modern Warfare 2: Most pirated game of 2009

The Call of Duty title has been enjoying success in almost every metric in the video game business, and now has racked up another win of sorts.

By December 30, 2009


The 6 worst video game samples in rap music

The Notorious B.I.G once said "Mo' money, mo' problems." He forgot to mention less money leads to mo' misguided samples of video game sounds. Here are the most botched attempts ever

By November 7, 2009


Have classic games changed the way you play?

Classic games are available on all the major game consoles. From Mario to Sonic, they have anything you could want. Are they causing you to change your gaming activity?

By August 14, 2009