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CTIA 2014 Super Mobility Week

CTIA shows off what's new in smartphones, accessories, and all things mobile.


Super Hi-Vision camera shoots 4 billion pixels every second

This broadcasting behemoth is a Super Hi-Vision camera recording a stunning 33 megapixels at 120 frames per second.

By May 28, 2012


Super Hi-Vision: Hi-def goes even higher

Super Hi-Vision has been demonstrated before at the International Broadcasting Convention, but this year it will feature live broadcasts for the first time.

By May 21, 2008


Super Hi-Vision: Broadcasters take hi-def even higher

If 1080p just isn't enough for you, perhaps you should consider the ultra-high-definition Super Hi-Vision, which offers so much detail you're probably going to need new eyes to appreciate it

By May 21, 2008


BBC screens Olympics in 8K clarity

Engadget manages to catch an 8K Olympics screening in London and comes away impressed with the sights and sounds.

By August 1, 2012


NHK zooms in on 8K 3D binoculars

The prototype, which is being showcased at the Ceatec technology fair, can zoom in to 4x and maintain full-HD resolution.

By October 4, 2012


Japan targets 33-megapixel broadcast by 2015

That's 16 times the resolution of today's 1080p panels.

By January 15, 2008


CNET Live - Episode 55

Jordan Glazier, CEO of Eventful stopped by to talk about how his site helps bands, and others, set up tour dates around the world.

By May 22, 2008


Philips 7603D Ambilight TVs: 2008 LCD range invades Blighty

Philips has announced the arrival of its new LCD TV range with all sorts of Ambilight and magical picture processing to improve your TV viewing -- and no doubt the rest of your life

By June 16, 2008


TVs, DVD recorders and hi-fis MPs can buy on expenses

If you're short of money, why not become an MP? You'll get a massive salary and virtually all of your consumer electronics will be totally free

By March 14, 2008