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SunRocket Internet Phone Service

If you're thinking about ditching your landline, SunRocket is a potential contender. A low price and lots of features are attractive, but the voice quality of your calls may vary.

By September 12, 2005

3.5 stars Editors' rating September 12, 2005

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SunRocket closes its doors

VoIP provider SunRocket is shutting down.

By July 16, 2007


SunRocket fires off new low for Net phone rates

Two former MCI honchos to introduce unlimited domestic calling to any number, plus some international dialing, for about $16 a month.

By November 22, 2004


Deep discounts on IP telephony

How low can pricing on IP telephony go? SunRocket offers a service for less than $10.

By December 5, 2005