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Gartner: Agenda behind EU's Sun-Oracle probe

Q&A Analyst Donald Feinberg sees a "political agenda" behind the European Commission's decision to investigate Oracle's planned takeover of Sun

By September 10, 2009


European Commission may delay Sun-Oracle merger

Potential antitrust concerns from the European Commission may delay approval of the Sun-Oracle merger beyond its initial deadline of Thursday, says Reuters report.

By September 2, 2009


Sun, Oracle at odds over Java tools

Two allies have different views over whether Oracle supports Sun's NetBeans programming software.

By January 25, 2006


So much for the Sun-Oracle axis

Scott McNealy and Larry Ellison may have been on speaking terms yesterday, but their "guy thing" is over.

By February 4, 2005


Sun, Oracle to push budget blades

The companies on Monday are expected to unveil a joint effort to promote the use of stripped-down blade servers as a way to lower computing costs.

By May 16, 2003


Sun, Oracle meet on Web services

Despite backing a rival proposal, Sun and Oracle plan to attend a meeting to discuss standardization of the Web services Business Process Execution Language.

By May 8, 2003


NC blamed for Sun, Oracle slides

Growing concern about the commercial prospect for network computers is causing shares of Sun and Oracle to sink on Wall Street.

By April 3, 1998