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Microsoft server boss on Sun-IBM, economy, more

In an interview, Bill Laing says the sluggish economy probably accelerated merger discussions. As for Microsoft, a deal would mean both one fewer partner and one fewer rival.

By April 3, 2009


Could NetApp suit throw a wrench in Sun-IBM talks?

NetApp's patent suit against Sun Microsystems could pose a challenging hurdle for Sun in its reported merger talks with IBM, reports American Lawyer's AM Law.com site.

By March 24, 2009


Will Sun/IBM deliver on open cloud computing?

Sun Microsystem's Sun Cloud Compute Service may be a very well-conceived open cloud service, but would an IBM acquisition let it execute?

By March 18, 2009


Sun, IBM ready to bury Java hatchet?

Rival open-source efforts to simplify development of Java software are inching closer together in a quest to defeat a common enemy: Microsoft.

March 27, 2002


Top Sun, IBM servers coming a week apart

Sun will release its new top-end Unix server, code-named StarCat, on Sept. 26, and sources say IBM will release its rival "Regatta" machine less than a week later.

By August 31, 2001


Sun, IBM make biotech deals

Sun Microsystems has sold a high-end E10000 computer to Oxford GlycoSciences, a drug development company that will use the machine to analyze the biological molecules linked to human diseases. OGS studies proteomics, the computing-intensive science of how genes produce complicated molecules called proteins. OGS is buying a giant storage network with 10 terabytes of capacity along with the computer, and the total deal was worth millions of dollars, a Sun spokeswoman said. Meanwhile, IBM's parallel effort to have its high-end hardware power genetics research took another step forward. An IBM computer at NuTec will be used by doctors at Emory University to predict the best treatment for cancer patients based on analysis of their genes, the company will announce Thursday.

By May 3, 2001


Sun, IBM take server brawl to the streets

Sun Microsystems offers to help one of its fiercest rivals in the server market undo a Linux marketing campaign that backfired.

By April 30, 2001


Sun, IBM set sights on wireless market

The top seller of Unix servers is forming a new business unit and a $100 million venture fund for the wireless market, but Big Blue is matching Sun's plans almost step for step.

By October 30, 2000


HP takes aim at Sun, IBM with Superdome

Hewlett-Packard will unveil its new Unix server tomorrow in the midst of a resurgent, profitable and crowded Unix server environment.

By September 11, 2000


New Compaq "skinny" servers take aim at Sun, IBM

The computer maker's long-awaited server puts new pressure on competitors in the race to cram as many processors into the thinnest server possible.

By June 5, 2000