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Tech lobby group files brief against NY's Airbnb subpoena

A trade organization that represents major tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon steps up to support Airbnb in its tussle with New York authorities. The AG's office responds.

By Nov. 8, 2013


New York AG's office: Airbnb lying about user-data subpoena

The state attorney general's office fires back after Airbnb's motion to block a request to give up user data.

By Nov. 8, 2013


Airbnb files motion to block New York AG's subpoena

The rent-out-your-home service vows to fight the state's subpoena requesting troves of user data saying it's a "government-sponsored fishing expedition" and "unreasonably broad."

By Oct. 9, 2013


Airbnb bristles at New York AG subpoena in 'bad actors' battle

The rent-out-your-home service says that the attorney general's request for user data will not be taken lightly, and that it will fight for its community.

By Oct. 7, 2013


Steve Jobs biographer fights subpoena in e-books case

Judge says Walter Isaacson, the man who quoted Jobs allegedly throwing consumers under a bus on e-book pricing, doesn't have to turn over unpublished tapes or notes for now.

By Jul. 30, 2012


ACLU, EFF: Subpoena for Twitter data would chill free speech

Consumer rights groups oppose subpoena for Twitter data of arrested demonstrator.

By May. 31, 2012


Secret subpoena aimed at Twitter user not so secret anymore

Massachusetts authorities subpoenaed Twitter for information on an Occupy Wall Street figure, but ran afoul of Twitter's own privacy policy.

By Dec. 29, 2011


Pandora gets subpoena in grand jury app probe

Online music service Pandora has disclosed in a government filing that a grand jury has subpoenaed the company for a case involving mobile apps, though the company is not a specific target.

By Apr. 4, 2011


Lawmakers may subpoena Google to antipiracy hearings

Members of the Senate Judiciary committee want Google to appear and some say they are willing to subpoena the company to testify. Copyright owners said Google is too closely connected to pirate sites.

By Feb. 16, 2011


States subpoena Sprint over AT&T-T-Mobile merger

As it continues to fight against the proposed merger between AT&T and T-Mobile, attorneys general in nine states have subpoenaed the carrier in conjunction with antitrust reviews.

By Jul. 12, 2011