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Apple should not release a subnotebook

Rumors have been swirling about an Apple subnotebook. But as Don Reisinger points out, Apple will not ignore these rumors, it won't release one of these devices.

By December 12, 2007


Palm's Foleo a follower, not a leader

Anything that takes a three-year step back in performance, such as Palm's ill-fated Foleo device, can't be considered a blueprint for the future of the subnotebook, which was around long before Palm announced its mobile companion.

By February 21, 2008


Microsoft jumps back into sub-notebooks

After a two-year pause and uninspiring sales, the company is reviving its Windows CE sub-notebook line, which will relaunch tomorrow as the Handheld PC 2000.

September 6, 2000


Casio to join subnotebook market

The Japanese electronics maker is apparently poised to reenter the PC market with a portable, a natural move after a long absence.

July 1, 1998


Apple to sell new subnotebook

Apple will sell a diminutive portable in Japan, a model U.S. customers aren't likely to see due to the smaller American market for such devices.

March 27, 1998


Toshiba unwraps subnotebook

Two new ultralight notebook PCs are introduced at the Spring Comdex conference.

By June 2, 1997


Toshiba subnotebook U.S.-bound

Comdex Toshiba is expected to announce a new line of lightweight notebook computers for the U.S. market that give new meaning to "ultraportable."

May 30, 1997


Apple launches new portable

The Mac maker unveils a low-cost subnotebook with a 240-MHz processor, but it's not destined for U.S. shores.

April 13, 1998


HP will redo subnotebook line

Hewlett-Packard will revamp its subnotebooks as it faces new competition.

By June 19, 1996


Toshiba debuts video-capture card

Toshiba has unveiled a video-capture card for Windows 95 notebook and subnotebook computers. Dubbed JK-VC1, the card allows users to transfer video via the Net as an email file to a Web page.

January 4, 1996