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Mazda Hazumi concept is a promising look at a next-gen subcompact

Mazda's latest concept car gives us a very clear look at what to expect when the next Mazda2 arrives.

By March 5, 2014


GMC plans to add Granite subcompact crossover

Automotive News reports on GMC's future model plans.

By July 26, 2011


Deadly 'subcompacts' on hold

Prospects dim for personal defense weapon for tankers, others.

By April 1, 2009


Next Aston Martin will be a luxury subcompact

Luxury and subcompact are two words that don't often appear in the same sentence, but Aston Martin is rebadging a Toyota iQ and giving it an interior that meets its high sartorial standards.

By October 12, 2010


Audi boss: U.S. not ready for premium subcompact

Automotive News reports on statements by the president of Audi of America about whether it will bring the A1 to the U.S.

By February 13, 2009


Honda's new Fit subcompact: Bigger, sportier

Automotive News reports on the 2009 Honda Fit

By August 28, 2008


The new design frontier: Making small cars look stunning

For years, style was absent without an excuse from American subcompacts. But the days of slab-sided, no-frills hatchbacks may soon be history.

By September 17, 2009


Supercars and stylish concepts slated for Geneva auto show

Next week's Geneva auto show promises a cornucopia of automo-love, with the world's best collection of supercars, an array of concept vehicles, and important new models for the everyday driver.

By February 28, 2014


Five tech cars for under $20,000

You don't have to pay a lot to get a high-tech car anymore. Along with a new set of subcompact, low-price cars, automakers are including useful technology, such as MP3 player and Bluetooth phone integration.

By October 14, 2011


Mazda banks on small-car surge

Mazda is banking on its 2011 Mazda2 being a key player in a subcompact surge over the next two years.

By July 6, 2010