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Watch the drunken wobble of Pluto's smaller moons

Pluto has had a rough few years. First, it lost its status as a planet. Now most of its tiny moons are acting like rebellious teenagers.

By June 3, 2015


NASA's New Horizons awakens for meeting with Pluto

After nine years in stasis en route to the outer limits of the solar system, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft has woken up in preparation for its Pluto survey.

By December 7, 2014


FCC: Man used device to jam drivers' cell phone calls

Florida man fined $48,000 for driving around with a phone jammer in his car. Police alerted when Metro PCs reports constant problems with a cell tower.

By May 1, 2014


'Doctor Who' fans petition to rename new planet 'Gallifrey'

An online petition calls on the International Astronomical Union to get all timey-wimey and name a planet "Gallifrey."

By December 11, 2013


Help name some Plutonian moons

A contest gives the public a chance to help rename two small moons orbiting Pluto, but it might help to brush up on your knowledge of the mythological Greek underworld.

By February 11, 2013


Randi Zuckerberg loses control on Facebook (and Twitter)

The Facebook CEO's sister is peeved that a photo she thought she'd posted privately is exposed publicly. It's quite a photo.

By December 26, 2012


Firefighting humanoid robot gets drafted into the Navy

Fires, robots, and massive ocean vessels come together at last. The humanoid Saffir robot will soon be handling dangerous firefighting duties on U.S. Navy ships.

By March 20, 2012


JBL runs TV ads; watch out, Bose

Hi-fi and audio ads on TV are rare, but JBL ran a few on Sunday night's Grammy Awards show.

By February 15, 2012


Buzz Out Loud 1509: Hey, Windows Phone 7, how much does a polar bear weigh? (Podcast)

Today on the show, we discover that Windows Phone 7 does have a life in the wild -- at least one phone does, anyway. Also, Plants vs. Zombies are taking over the world and BT, Steve, and I are headed for a Tetris showdown. RIM continues to try to defend its co-CEO setup (why!?) and fans rage, rage, against the dying of the cheap Netflix plans. We direct them elsewhere: toward the studios who want so much for streaming content in the first place.

By July 13, 2011


Microsoft shuts down LeBron James

MSN and the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar have parted company.

By November 26, 2008