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Want to add an Audi to your AT&T plan? It'll be $10

The Audi Q3 will be the automaker's next vehicle to get a wireless connection from the carrier.

By September 10, 2014


Streetline unveils second generation of parking app

Streetline releases the second-generation parking app, Parker, for the iPhone and announced the availability of Parker for Android.

By May 18, 2011


Parker smartphone app enables realtime parking search

Have you ever wanted to be able to just look at your phone and know where all of the open parking spaces are in your area?

By December 4, 2012


Can BMW iVentures fix parking?

Why would a company whose motto is "the ultimate driving machine" be interested in something that has nothing to do with driving or machines?

By February 2, 2012


Ready to start bidding for public parking spots?

Stop circling and start bidding for a spot to park with the help of recently launched app Parking Auction.

By August 12, 2011


Tiny start-up tackles big driving hassle: Parking

Parking In Motion aims to become the universal database of open parking spots.

By April 2, 2011