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Joost added as defendant in StreamCast lawsuit

Joost added as defendant in lawsuit filed by StreamCast Networks against Skype, eBay and Skype fonders Zenstromm and Friis

By May 22, 2007


StreamCast names Skype, Kazaa in lawsuit

The owner of P2P application Morpheus is suing over the technology underlying Skype's Net phone software.

By March 27, 2006


File-sharing 'graveyard' still filling up

The original version of this story failed to mention that the Supreme Court reversed lower-court rulings favoring Grokster and Streamcast. Read the updated story here.

By June 29, 2007


Morpheus makers file suit against eBay

StreamCast Networks includes online auctioneer to list of defendants that includes Kazaa and Skype.

By May 23, 2006


Streamcast's new boss--same as the old boss

Rejoining Streamcast Networks after a federal judge invalidated film and recording industry claims, CEO Michael Weiss explains his faith in the file-swapping business's future.

By May 5, 2003


StreamCast CEO Griffin resigns

Steve Griffin, the chief executive officer of the company that developed the Morpheus file-swapping software, is stepping down along with other top managers.

By March 17, 2003


Hollywood's Pandora's Box?

Will the recording studios' new legal assault against Grokster and StreamCast inadvertently upset the Sony Betamax ruling.

By January 25, 2005


StreamCast hires attorney, lobbyist

StreamCast Networks, which distributes the popular Morpheus file-swapping software, has hired a new attorney, lobbyist and public relations firm to shore up its legal fight against the record and movie industries. The company's former attorney, who had a history of successfully fighting the record industry on technology issues, quit last month after StreamCast said it couldn't afford his legal bills. The new firm, Brobeck Phleger & Harrison, has considerable experience with intellectual property issues. StreamCast also hired lobbyist Ellen Stroud, who previously worked with Silicon Valley political organization TechNet and Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va.

By June 21, 2002


StreamCast to offer instant messaging

StreamCast Networks and software company Paltalk have signed a deal to offer people who use the Morpheus file-swapping service the ability to send instant messages. Under the deal, StreamCast and Paltalk said they will offer the Morpheus Messenger to all Morpheus users with the launch of Morpheus 2.0, expected this month. Although the service will be free, people will also have the option to upgrade to another version, called Morpheus Plus, that offers video capability for $9.95 for three months or $24.95 per year. StreamCast has been waging a legal fight against the big record labels over its file-swapping service. Last week, StreamCast attorney Andrew Bridges, a partner with high-profile Palo Alto, Calif., law firm Wilson Soncini Goodrich & Rosati, said he is withdrawing from the case and that StreamCast is seeking new counsel. New York-based Paltalk develops software for videoconferencing, instant messaging and voice e-mail.

May 28, 2002