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HP Stream series

The Stream is a budget "cloud-based PC," now available in two new laptop and two new tablet sizes, making it one of the least expensive ways to get Windows 8.

September 29, 2014

MSRP: $199.00


YouTube to offer live streaming this year

Livestreaming of video is coming to YouTube this year.

By February 29, 2008


MySpace's music plan likely to be streaming service

Social network in talks with all four major labels about starting ad-supported music service, says source.

By February 18, 2008


AMD unveils powerful 'stream computing' chip

AMD hopes the FireStream 9170 catches on with researchers who need massive amounts of performance but don't want to buy fancy expensive supercomputers just to run a few applications.

By November 7, 2007


Yahoo (sort of) launches a live video-streaming service

Company kicks off a uStream competitor, but without giving it enough servers to survive the first night.

By February 7, 2008


Open source is mainstream. Is it the only stream?

Is there a better way than open source? The industry increasingly doesn't think so.

By February 1, 2008


Six Apart launches Activity Streams

Put all your feeds in one spot if you're a Movable Type user with this new plugin.

By January 30, 2008


Imeem purchases streaming music site Anywhere.fm

The social media site, which has been one of ad-supported streaming music's few success stories, snaps up a Web radio start-up to help tweak its own technology.

By January 28, 2008


CBS reports early success with Last.fm music streaming

Two days after adding free, ad-supported streaming music to the social music service, parent company CBS is already declaring victory.

By January 25, 2008


Apple to stream keynote Tuesday afternoon; "Something in the Air"

Apple to stream keynote Tuesday afternoon; "Something in the Air"

By January 14, 2008