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$50,000 strawberry-picking robot to go on sale in Japan

This bot uses an imaging system to gauge when berries are ripe. It's perfect for making very expensive jam.

By September 27, 2013


Sharp makes a comeback! It's growing strawberries

A company that has fallen on difficult times branches out into a new field: growing strawberries in the United Arab Emirates.

By September 24, 2013


Strawberry-picking robot knows when they're ripe

Japan prepares to unleash a strawberry-harvesting robot on the world.

By December 13, 2010


Sweet strawberries in slices

Strawberries can be slippery to slice, but the Strawberry Slicester can make short work of your fruit.

By July 27, 2010


Strawberry slicer does what it promises

Need a specific gadget for every kitchen task? Do you have a strawberry slicer? What are you waiting for?

By August 6, 2009


Simplified strawberry eating

The Good Grips Strawberry Huller eliminates the leaves and other inedible bits of a strawberry in one quick twist.

By July 17, 2009


Quick hit: Strawberry-shaped tea infuser

Shaped like a strawberry and available in three colors, the cheery tea infuser includes a lid that doubles as a saucer.

By October 2, 2008


I like my computer accessories with whipped cream, strawberries

Designer creates a waffle iron that produces keyboard-shaped waffles

By July 7, 2008


LG Chocolate now in Strawberry

LG Chocolate now in Strawberry

By February 5, 2007